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Why WAMP Institute?

WAMP Digital Marketing Institute is a venture of WAMP InfoTech Pvt. Ltd., however, we promise to provide you quality training and best Digital Marketing course in Delhi for corporate, professionals, entrepreneurs and students. We provide live-classroom training helping the executives and entrepreneurs to achieve targets with lower investments in the best possible ways. We ensure to cover best practices using case studies and offer a practical guide to the core techniques of Digital Marketing.

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Do you want a career growth?

Be a part of WAMP Digital Marketing Institute and get ready to experience a whole new way of learning. We promise to provide you best Digital Marketing course in Delhi, rather than just the ‘certifications’; we intend to prepare you for the real world with live projects and skills.

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The courses are designed for people who want to learn the important elements of creating an effective digital marketing campaign. Ensuring to cover the best practices and use case studies throughout the course duration. You’ll have solid hands-on knowledge with the online tools and practical guides that you can use the techniques of digital marketing in your job or start-up.

You need to learn

A practical course that focuses on the management of digital marketing channels for your business or clients. A digital marketing specialist is the need of the hour either you are on the client side or agency side. However, adding skills to enhance your knowledge is always a good option.

The outcome of your hard work

Once you learn Digital Marketing you’ll be able to create a programme for measuring digital marketing effectiveness. You’ll learn about SEO, Google Advertising, Social Media Marketing, email marketing, online advertising that includes ad networks, etc. However, the course also helps you to earn as a freelancer through affiliate programs.

WAMP experience

We have skilled trainers, passionate about digital marketing giving up to date trends. Ensuring to deliver quality, we assess our trainers frequently making sure they deliver quality. We make sure to prioritize practical training so that the students are ready for the office culture. The best digital marketing course in Delhi focuses on micro-classroom training with 8 or fewer people per session and covering a wide range of modules.

Digital Marketing Courses

The courses concentrate on sharing the latest trends in the most effective manner with technological innovations in the Digital Marketing field. We intend to provide you in-depth knowledge of digital and social media marketing and analytics.

Crash Course

Be a giant!

A new concept of Crash Course in Digital Marketing is introduced by WAMP Institute, where all you need is 36 hours to learn the best skills. Yes! you read that right, as per the calculations very less people are able to reach the managerial posts before they reach mid-thirties. But are you passionate, then you need to take the right step.

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Unlock the secrets of the Digital Marketing world!

A course specially designed to present a base for marketers and job-seekers, who would like to specialize in Digital Marketing. With 8 certifications in just two and a half months; you will learn a wide range of modules like SEO, SMM, Google Ads, and several others.

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Be the champ of the Digital Marketing world!

Advanced Digital Marketing Course is one of the most reputed courses by WAMP Institute. A four months course, where you’ll learn 48 Modules; perfect for students who want to add skills and knowledge for better job opportunities. The course is bifurcated on the basis of practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge, as it is 90% practical and 10% theory.

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What will you get?

Digital Marketing is the new age marketing trend that you need to learn, as the skills will open a plethora of gates for your career growth. WAMP Institute in South Delhi is working on imparting the best knowledge to all students.

Working professionals

Add-on skills opening gates for multiple industries, with your prior knowledge, get various job opportunities in the digital marketing industry. The course helps in advanced career growth and skills to start your own business.

Start-up owners

Begin to generate more qualified leads for your business and convert them into sales. This will surely help you with increasing your business revenue. No more dependence on traditional forms of marketing, as you’ll track your performance and expand your business to a wider geographical area.

Job Seekers

With the advancement in the digital marketing sector, there are about 4.6 lacs job opportunities. So, it is time you update your CV; however, learn something that will be a trend tomorrow. Add unique skills and get guaranteed success. Be a freelancer or give a reason for companies to hire you.

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Become a Digital Marketing Professional

WAMP Digital Marketing Institute offers courses ranging from Executive level to Master’s level. Therefore, you will learn about strategy, planning, social media, search marketing—all you have to do is choose your area of interest. Time to find out what works best for you!


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One Training Program 15 Certifications

  • AdWords 6 Google Ads Certifications

    To become AdWords Certified, you'll need to pass the AdWords Fundamental exam and one more AdWords exam. WAMP will prepare and help you to clear all these exams

    check_circleGoogle Ads Fundamental
    check_circleVideo Advertising
    check_circleSearch Advertising
    check_circleShopping Advertising
    check_circleDisplay Advertising
    check_circleMobile Advertising

  • HubSpot 3 Hubspot Certifications

    check_circleInbound certification
    check_circleContent Marketing certification
    check_circleEmail Marketing certification

  • Facebook Blueprint Facebook Blueprint Certification
  • Google Analytics Google Analytics Certification
  • Google Mobile Sites Google Mobile Sites Certification
  • Google Digital Sales Google Digital Sales Certification
  • SEMrush SEMrush Certification
  • WAMP Certificate Industry Recognized WAMP Certificate

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