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WAMP Institute is located in more than 7 major countries including USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Egypt; providing quality education and serving as one of the top digital marketing institutes. We believe in polishing your level of education and quality of skills with the top level of placement and Job Security in different countries. Therefore, as the name symbolises in itself WAMP (WE ARE MAKING PEOPLE) is NOW IN INDIA. Join our hands and we will walk you through a new world of digital era for the betterment of your future, because we care!






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Masters In Advanced Digital Marketing Course ( 64 Modules )

Basics Of Marketing And Branding

When growing your image, it’s simple that you think about every little thing that you will learn in a Digital Marketing Course from your company logo to spreading the plan to the motto.   Read More

Overview of Digital Marketing

To opt for a Digital Marketing Course one needs to know that it represents the marketing done using internet via different digital gadgets and on different platforms.   Read More

Website Introduction

Business Website is designed to attract the targeted audience that you learn in Digital Marketing Course.   Read More

Hosting | Servers | Security

Server security is highly essential in a Digital Marketing Course as it is the key element to prevent a website from hacking   Read More

Website Creation (HTML + CSS)

Digital Marketing Course teaches website creation it requires to get started making your personal websites.   Read More

Website Creation ( html + Wordpress )

In Digital Marketing Course you will learn WordPress, where you create a website in 5 minutes with less relatable knowledge and WordPress could be scaled to control a portion of the greatest sites on the planet.   Read More

Website Creation ( Magento )

In Digital Marketing Course we learn about how websites are created and what are the uses of it we know how websites are created let’s have a brief description of it.   Read More

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) taught in a Digital Marketing Course is definitely the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic on your website via organic search engine results.   Read More

Google Ad(Adwords)

Google Ads are viewed by clients every time they are browsing on Google for any services. Digital Marketing Course helps you learn about payment   Read More

Bing Adwords

Digital Marketing Course tells about taking part in pay per click (PPC) marketing ought to be comfortable with Google AdWords, and the rudiments of operating a hunt marketing campaign through it.   Read More

Introduction To URL Shorteners

In some cases, you basically need a shorter web address known as a URL (Universal Resource Locator) which is taught in a Digital Marketing Course.   Read More

Social Media Optimization

SMO (Social Media Optimization) discussed in Digital Marketing Course will be the usage of social media networks to handle and develop an organization’s information and online reputation.   Read More

Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Course lets you know social media has created it feasible for someone to connect with hundreds or even thousands of other people about the companies that provide the products and services.   Read More

Content Writing

Content writers generally make content for the Website, Digital Marketing Course teaches the tip & tricks.   Read More

Pro Blogging

Digital Marketing Course focuses on blog, which is actually a way to reveal your ideas, concepts, and information with the entire world.   Read More

Email Marketing

Email marketing definitely focuses the purchasers via electronic digital mail or email, taught in a Digital Marketing Course.   Read More

Google Analytics

Google Analytics as discussed in a Digital Marketing Course is a cost-free web analytics tool that produces detailed data about activity on a website.   Read More

Advanced Analytics Tools

The goal associated with an organizational analytic tool is to dissect information and concentrate noteworthy and monetarily pertinent data as discussed in Digital Marketing course that you can use to build results or execution.   Read More

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager as explained in the Digital Marketing Course triggers to direct when this information ought to be sent to Google Analytics.   Read More

Google Webmaster Tools

Digital Marketing Course discusses about the Google Webmaster Tools that help you know about the indexing and other essentialities of your website.   Read More

Bing Webmaster Tools

We get to know about Bing in Digital Marketing Course is a search engine like Google people can search whatever they want.   Read More

Bing Tag Manager

Bing Tag Manager is also discussed in the Digital Marketing Course that enables you to add several monitoring codes to your website via one simple user interface, preserving time and simplifying implementation.   Read More

Google Trends

Google Trends as told in Digital Marketing Course is an open web office of Google in light of Google Search that shows how frequently a specific inquiry term is entered with respect to the aggregate.   Read More

Google Admin (G-Suite)

As discussed in Digital Marketing Course G Suite previously known as Google Apps for Work and also, Google Apps for your Domain is an efficient and partnership tool, it was a software build by Google; it was launched on August 28, 2006 for the very first time.   Read More

Google Forms With Google Survey

We all love to give reviews to whether they are online or offline everyone likes to give reviews on what they liked and what they didn’t, so as discussed in Digital Marketing Course   Read More

Google Sheets

Google Spreadsheets as discussed in the Digital Marketing Course is like an online version of Microsoft word and excel, therefore they are very convenient as one tends to save them automatically and also it lets you work simultaneously with multiple people.   Read More

Google Docs

Google Forms give a speedy strategy to make an online review, with responses assembled in an online spreadsheet as discussed in Digital Marketing Course.   Read More

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing as examined in a Digital Marketing Course is a method of marketing that targets the mobile audience for instance the Indian audience is more mobile friendly thus all websites are also mobile first, other methods include sms marketing.   Read More

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing as suggested in Digital Marketing Course implies to a system in marketing, an item or an administration where clients help in spreading the sponsor's message to different sites or the clients make a situation which can prompt multi-overlay development.   Read More

Business Law

Digital Marketing Course big or small companies have their rules. Rules that are related to their Employees or insurance or regarding work rules are rules.   Read More

Lead Generation

In Digital Marketing Course, lead generation is the introduction of customer attention or enquiry into items or expert services of a company.   Read More

E-Commerce Setup & SEO

Digital Marketing Course explains the method of online trade and payments.   Read More

E-Commerce Marketing & SCM Tools

SCM (Supply Chain Management) as discussed in Digital Marketing Course tools advantage e-commerce.   Read More

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management (ORM) is an important part of Digital Marketing Course which implies getting command of the online discussion.   Read More

Growth Hacking

Digital Marketing Course also discusses growth hacking, yeah, the word creates suspense in everyone’s mind, is it something dark?   Read More

Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp is extremely popular that is why it is discussed in the Digital Marketing Course, surely somebody has inquired to you that number of times and we wager your answer was yes.   Read More

Audio Engineering

Digital Marketing Course also discusses about the music, sounds, recordings etc.   Read More

Adobe Spark

Adobe spark is also considered in Digital Marketing Course as it helps to show your creativity on web or mobile phones you can show how much creativity you have in, by creating creative.   Read More

Video Editing

In a Digital Marketing Course you will also learn video editing is the manipulation and set up of video shots.   Read More

Video Optimization

Digital Marketing Course also analyses Video Optimization refers to an arrangement of advances utilized   Read More

How Coupons Work in Marketing?

Digital Marketing Course also gives a view on the tricks of using coupons as when someone is buying something, this process of buying and selling is called marketing.   Read More

Google Doubleclick

DoubleClick by Google alludes to the DoubleClick Digital Marketing Course which is a different division inside Google.   Read More

Conversion Rate Optimization

We all have gone through internet marketing through Digital Marketing Course now we all know what internet marketing is.   Read More

Automation Tools Of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course gives us several options, that’s what most organizations experience when choosing a marketing and advertising automated tool.   Read More

Quora Optimization

Quora Optimization as you will learn in the Digital Marketing Course is a platform in which you share your opinion with other person, in this platform you also share and gain knowledge.   Read More

Product Marketing

Product marketing is a procedure of advancing and pitching a product to a client. Furthermore, in Digital Marketing Course product marketing is described similar to the assigned work between productivity growth and expanding brand awareness.   Read More

Soft Skill Training

An extremely unique topic discussed in Digital Marketing Course is soft skills, or relational skills, which basically is the representatives' capacity to coexist well with others, social graces, and correspondence capacities.   Read More

Stock Management In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course also deals with how companies have to keep the stock of what they are selling   Read More

Importance of GST in Digital Marketing

GST has been talked about in the Digital Marketing Course as it is known goods and services tax everyone has heard of   Read More

Entrepreneurship: Now Or Never

We need a platform like that of a Digital Marketing Course to turn our passion into a business, or one can say a successful venture.   Read More

Startup Hacks

Digital Marketing Course also shares the insights of whoever thinks working at a start-up is about enjoyment and activities are deceived. Start-up representatives are continually under strain to advance their best foot.   Read More

How To Be Updated Digital Marketer?

We have all seen that there are various Digital Marketing Courses that one has to catch up faster with the trends and time and is helping lots of peoples in developing too.   Read More

Affiliate Marketing

Digital Marketing Course also throws light on one of the most talked about and interesting topic that is Affiliate Marketing in this field, where people earn on reference basis that in simple language can be described as per commission basis.   Read More

Personal Branding

Digital Marketing Course can surely teach you the most unexpected things which also include personal branding   Read More

Best Practices for Job Seekers

Once you learn all the tips and tricks to be a successful person in the Digital Marketing Course   Read More

Master Stroke

Its a Secret.  

Earning From Youtube

Digital Marketing Course also gives an insight about how YouTube has turned out to be a game changer as we all must have many YouTube videos, and we have seen how many likes’ dislikes they have.   Read More

Earning From Domains

Digital Marketing Course will also help you go through various strategies to earn some money in a smart manner   Read More

Earning As A Freelancer

Digital Marketing Course also discusses about Freelancing means to have diverse employments or here and now assignments or contracts   Read More

Earning From Google Adsense

Display ads that in a Digital Marketing Course can be simplified as whenever we scroll through any of the website   Read More

Earning From Digital Networking

Digital networking as focussed in a Digital Marketing Course is an online stage where one can publicize their items online   Read More

Earning From Third Party Services

Digital Marketing Course also explains how one uses some services for daily use like Google analytics   Read More

Payment Gateways

A Payment Gateway is also explained in Digital Marketing Course that is a merchant source provided by an e-commerce application   Read More

Data Studio

Google Data Studio (beta) as considered in Digital Marketing Course turns your data into instructive dashboards and reports.   Read More

Meet Your Trainer

A Journey of discovery begins with a step. As it’s truly said that if you wish to climb up the mountain, you must take the first step. No one else but only you can change the life you are living. Mr. Puneet Saxena co-founder of WAMP Institute is one of the best examples of this.

Being an International scholar in BCA, Gold Medallist of MCA, he has worked as an Ethical Hacker. He remains humble, kind and loves his work. Not just teacher he is more of a friend having good sense of humour, he is an excellent communicator, having adequate listening skills. He believes in worshipping his work by educating as many people as he can. Since his career began as a trainer in Digital Marketing he has trained more than 570 working professionals and students. Under his guidance everyone has found a successful career.

With more than 7 years of working experience alongside 4 years of training experience one thing that always remains the same is “He is the Man of Words”. Being one of the co-founder of WAMP institute right now he is also handling many big projects of Digital Marketing, right now he is heading the Digital Marketing Team for Zero Gravity India Gurugram. Words are less to describe him briefly once you get under his guidance your soul will be lightened up and you will get to see the change within yourself.


Meet Our CEO

More than 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Faris is a drop-out of BCA, though he was exceptional in his educational background since childhood, he could not complete his education due to some personal issues. As they say, better Late than Never; he has been passionate about learning new things.

After his education, he joined Flipkart where he started as a Customer Care Executive, but he had big dreams. His exceptional mind thought of how Digital Marketing was taking over everything, and the scope of Digital Marketing was never-ending.

This made him join hands with his co-founders to build WAMP InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. which was his stepping stone towards Digital Marketing & there on he did not stop. Soon he had a vision that the knowledge he has, needs to be delivered and this saw the coming up of WAMP Digital Marketing Institute. WAMP stands for We Are Making People, which justifies that education brings us all together.

Meet Our Expert Team

Together we can achieve more.

Puneet Saxena

Senior Digital Marketing Trainer

Vivek Dubey

Content and Digital Marketing Trainer

Amir Siddiqui

SEO Trainer

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SEO Executive / SEO Analyst

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SMM Analyst

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Search Engine Specialist

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Affiliate Marketer

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