Executive Digital Marketing Course

Executive Digital Marketing Course

The Executive Digital Marketing Course is designed to present a base for marketers who would like to specialize in the digital and social media marketing techniques or those people seeking to expand their understanding in this field. This is a three-month course and we provide you with 8 certifications. In this course, you learn the basics of Digital Marketing and also SEO, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and a lot more.

The course will concentrate on sharing the newest trends, most effective techniques, and technological innovation for effective digital and social media marketing. It will provide in-depth knowledge of digital and social media marketing and analytics.

Executive Digital Marketing Course ( 24 Modules )

Overview of Digital Marketing

To opt for a Digital Marketing Course one needs to know that it represents the marketing done using internet via different digital gadgets and on different platforms.    Read More

Website Introduction

Business Website is designed to attract the targeted audience that you learn in Digital Marketing Course.   Read More

Website Creation (HTML + Wordpress)

In Digital Marketing Course you will learn WordPress, where you create a website in 5 minutes with less relatable knowledge and WordPress could be scaled to control a portion of the greatest sites on the planet.   Read More

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) taught in a Digital Marketing Course is definitely the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic on your website via organic search engine results.   Read More

Google Ad(Adwords)

Google Ads are viewed by clients every time they are browsing on Google for any services. Digital Marketing Course helps you learn about payment   Read More

Social Media Optimization

SMO (Social Media Optimization) discussed in Digital Marketing Course will be the usage of social media networks to handle and develop an organization’s information and online reputation.   Read More

Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Course lets you know social media has created it feasible for someone to connect with hundreds or even thousands of other people about the companies that provide the products and services.   Read More

Content Writing

Content writers generally make content for the Website, Digital Marketing Course teaches the tip & tricks.   Read More

Email Marketing

Email marketing definitely focuses the purchasers via electronic digital mail or email, taught in a Digital Marketing Course.   Read More

Google Analytics

Google Analytics as discussed in a Digital Marketing Course is a cost-free web analytics tool that produces detailed data about activity on a website.   Read More

Google Webmaster Tools

Digital Marketing Course discusses about the Google Webmaster Tools that help you know about the indexing and other essentialities of your website.   Read More

Google Trends

Google Trends as told in Digital Marketing Course is an open web office of Google in light of Google Search that shows how frequently a specific inquiry term is entered with respect to the aggregate.   Read More

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing as examined in a Digital Marketing Course is a method of marketing that targets the mobile audience for instance the Indian audience is more mobile friendly thus all websites are also mobile first, other methods include sms marketing.   Read More

Lead Generation

In Digital Marketing Course, lead generation is the introduction of customer attention or enquiry into items or expert services of a company.   Read More

E-Commerce Setup & SEO

Digital Marketing Course explains the method of online trade and payments.   Read More

E-Commerce Marketing & SCM Tools

SCM (Supply Chain Management) as discussed in Digital Marketing Course tools advantage e-commerce.   Read More

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management (ORM) is an important part of Digital Marketing Course which implies getting command of the online discussion.   Read More

Audio Engineering

Digital Marketing Course also discusses about the music, sounds, recordings etc.   Read More

Online Graphic Designing Tools

Attractive layout and excellent visual information perform a wonderful part in today's economic system. It doesn't make a difference in which field you have specification - you may be an author or business owner looking to sell your expert services or items.  Read More

Video Editing

In a Digital Marketing Course you will also learn video editing is the manipulation and set up of video shots.   Read More

Video Optimization

Digital Marketing Course also analyses Video Optimization refers to an arrangement of advances utilized   Read More

Earning From Youtube

Digital Marketing Course also gives an insight about how YouTube has turned out to be a game changer as we all must have many YouTube videos, and we have seen how many likes’ dislikes they have.   Read More

Earning From Google Adsense

Display ads that in a Digital Marketing Course can be simplified as whenever we scroll through any of the website   Read More

Earning As A Freelancer

Digital Marketing Course also discusses about Freelancing means to have diverse employments or here and now assignments or contracts   Read More