Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager as explained in the Digital Marketing Course triggers to direct when this information ought to be sent to Google Analytics. To develop our past illustration, possibly you need to just send a virtual online visit to Google Analytics when a client taps on an asset download connect. Provided that this is true, you can utilize Tag Manager's triggers to indicate these conditions.

What is Google Tag Manager?

We always get it wrong when it comes to Google tag manager people think that it is the same as Google analytics, but this is where people are crazy. When we know about the Google tag manager, it will be clear what is the difference between both of them and that both of them are a different thing.

What is Tag manager?

We all have heard the word tag. We must have seen people tagging each other. We also tag our friends in memes or posts. However, this is not only where tags have been used tags it is the trend which is going on in social media tagging each other etc. However, it is not only used in there it is used in Google and on websites also.

Google tag manager is a kind of service of Google which is used to maintain the tags like HTML or JavaScript that give the info to the other parties. Google tag manager manages the cards of your websites or mobiles.

What is the effect of it?

Without Google tag manager you have to form a team with the developers of the website if you need to change the smallest thing but if you have Google tag manager, it is a user-friendly service so you can work in it my own if you need to change anything.