Lead Generation

Lead Generation

In Digital Marketing Course, lead generation is the introduction of customer attention or enquiry into items or expert services of a company. Leads can be produced for reasons like as building a list, e-newsletter record purchase or for product sales leads.

What are Leads?

Lead when we convince a person to buy our product when we convince hem to check when we succeed in the sale of the product that is known as lead. Convincing a person to buy our product is one of the problematic things it’s not only about selling if persuade them to use it for trial or they can call us in future if we get the information of the person that is called a lead.

There are different kinds of leads in various fields like:

When we make sales of anything, it is known as Sales when we convince a person to buy our product through a phone call and have his information that is known as a sales lead.

These days marketing has been digitally but for that also we need to reach people by going to them telling them about it, and these sales are made by the famous brands we all have seen people standing in malls with their stall that is called marketing sales.

What is lead generation?

Convincing peoples to buy our product is known as lead generation, and there are many different ways of it like we can generate leads through phone calls, social media or even through going in person to them.