Quora Optimization

Quora Optimization

Quora Optimization as you will learn in the Digital Marketing Course is a platform in which you share your opinion with other person, in this platform you also share and gain knowledge. It is a platform where you can ask or find out any question and you got many answers relevant to it. This is the best platform to exchange your views with any other people.

What is Quora?

When we search for some answers on Google, there are many different sites where we get the answers, so Quora is one of those sites it gives us the answers to whatever we ask for. Quora answers all the questions. When we are searching for like what is “hi” pronounced in the Korean language so we will get the answers from many different peoples who know the answers and it gets very more comfortable to understand.

What is the use of Quora?

Quora is used to get the answers of the questions easily in this site people answers of your questions those who know what you are searching for those people answers to your questions and Quora gives you the freedom to ask while you can also answer the questions asked by different peoples. It is site where people ask the question where they will face the problem like once I was using Quora and I saw a question regarding how can they draw a better picture I knew the answer of that question and i9 answered it so it’s helping peoples you can get help from different peoples whereas you can help them too.