Website Creation (HTML + CSS)

Website Creation (HTML + CSS)

Digital Marketing Course teaches website creation it requires to get started making your personal websites. Perhaps you've previously thought about that your favourite websites have been designed, and how its work? This extensive training course is designed to teach you every little thing you would like to know to build your personal websites.

What is a website?

A website is a place where we can find the details of any well-known company, institute etc. We can search for anything online and can know the complete details about it, a website gives you all the information about several things you are searching for.

In the starting website maintenance was very easy. As HTML was used on websites so they didn’t have the feature of updating it’s just there used to be very minor and simple updates. At those times they didn’t have to open another website for the maintenance. But what is it now, is it as easy as it was earlier?

What are you going to learn?

In this, you will be taught about how to create a website using (HTML and CSS) you will be taught how to maintain and create you can make any kind of website from it. You can make it for the personal use or for the business purpose here you will learn how to create a website of different kind of things like it varies indifferent.