Website Creation ( Magento )

Website Creation ( Magento )

In Digital Marketing Course we learn about how websites are created and what are the uses of it we know how websites are created let’s have a brief description of it.

What is website creation?

Websites are created by different methods and for different purpose too we all know there are many different ways of creating a website we learned about the before like html, wordpress etc there are different use of different kinds of websites like some are for personal use some are professional websites. Some of them small websites whereas some of them are very big. So every kind of websites has different method of its own creation.

What is a website?

A website is a place where we can find the details of any well-known company, institute etc. We can search for anything online and can know the complete details about it; a website gives you all the information about several things you are searching for.

Website creation (Magneto)

In this process you will learn about how to create a website using magneto. Magneto is a kind of software which was developed to create websites by the company based on US.